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Desh Ki Disha

FOOD adulteration affects people’s health badly.

Aaskin brings the solution for consumers to get unadulterated, chemical free nutritious food in its purest form at their DOOR-STEP. All procurements are done under stringent supervision of an independent Agro Laboratory.

Western economic model has industrialized the food sector. The motto is mass production at lowest cost, resulting in using chemical fertilizers and pesticides beyond limits. Corporatization in food sector creates the demand for cheap food which is taking toll on both sides. The lives of farmers are getting miserable day by day and on the other side consumers are facing terrible health problems like cardio vascular diseases, obesity, stress and mental instability all due to adulteration in food products.

The Solution

Aaskin brings a sustainable solution to these problems. And together we can...

We at Aaskin supports farming the “natural way” that gives optimum output while involving no infusion of harmful chemical fertiliser and pesticide.

Following are the methods to produce hygienic food grains and vegetables.

  • Vermicompost: - It is a kind of organic fertilizer. It is highly rich in nitrogen, phosphorous and potash.
  • Vermiwash: - It is a strong and effective pesticide.
  • Liquid fertiliser: - Dung is used to prepare liquid fertilizer.
  • Herbal Spray: - In an earthen vessel filled with water, neem (azadirachta indica) leaves, turmeric and garlic are added. It is an effective insecticide and pesticide.


In this way Aaskin brings chemical free food at your door - step!!!

Each and every product will be grown / produced locally in near future. Those which cannot be grown /produced locally will be procured from the best resources, that too under stringent supervision of independent agro lab. At large we are aiming for a truly fit and self reliant India

We are aiming to grow and/or produce locally as and when 500 plus registered members in 5 Sq. km. periphery join Aaskin Food Club

Aaskin Mobile App

Aaskin is coming up with its mobile App – “Aaskin” which will connect consumers with the farmers and / or real producers, so that consumers will get real-time data of their cultivation. It is found that calcium carbide is used heavily to ripe the fruits. Through this app consumer and farmers can connect to each other and a real time requirement can be shared resulting in getting naturally grown fruits and vegetables.


Finally the direction of the food sector is towards hygienic, organic and unadulterated as illness comes mainly through consumption of unhygienic and chemically treated food over a long period.

Aaskin stands for consumers to reclaim the nutrition values of food by De-industrializing the food sector. We are here to produce foods locally more and more to keep them safe. Thus we invite individuals especially the YOUTH to join us to setup Pastured Poultries, Indian breed Cow Farms, Cold pressed Oil Mills, Stone ground Flour Mills and many more.

Our motto is to achieve self-sufficiency for our YOUTH in today’s jobless growth and reclaiming purity of FOOD.

B2S (Back To The Society)

Aaskin believes in sharing back with the society, 20% of the profit Aaskin earns will be shared among Army Welfare Fund, Old Age Homes, Student Scholarship Fund and for Women Empowerment.

A2 Indian Breed Cow Farm

The quality of milk you get from your cow depends on what you feed the cow. Ironically it is observed that in order to yield more milk cows are injected. Even it is observed that the cows are fed with industrial waste. Cows should not be treated as an industrial unit.

Aaskin intends to provide through their indigenous cow farm - healthy pure milk from A2 Indian breed cows, fed on naturally grown feed. As per our 100 % transparency policy the farm will be under 24/7 camera surveillance and will be live on our website.

In today’s time it is not practically feasible for one to keep its own farm, Aaskin under its “own you farm” programme makes it possible to have your own cow farm from where your daily fresh milk will be delivered to your door step.

Stone Ground Flour Mill

Stone ground flour is more nutritious because in this grinding process the flour stays cool. Machine ground flour kills most of the vitamins. The high temperatures also cause the oils in the grain to turn rancid. In stone mill, grinding is done at 70 RPM giving you nutritious flour. As per our 100 % transparency policy the setup will be under 24/7 camera surveillance and will be live on our website.

Cold Pressed Oil Mill

Corporatisation in edible oil sector has resulted in production of refined oils. Refined oils are chemically treated, losing its nutrients and making it harmful to consume. Let’s start with indigenous cold pressed oil mill. Cold pressed oils are more healthy and good for overall well being as they retain nutrients. Be a part of this healthy change. As per our 100 % transparency policy the setup will be under 24/7 camera surveillance and will be live on our website.